Dual Pole QCS2®

Superior corrosion protection

Corrosion is a problem that plagues the trucking industry. Kick-up from tractor wheels of snow, debris, and hygroscopic chemicals introduced an increased and more prevalent presence of corrosion all year long.

Any open connection on a vehicle is susceptible to corrosion, including the liftgate connection. Corrosion in the liftgate connection can be even more devastating because it requires a larger amperage draw than the 7-way, increasing the chemical reaction of corrosion at an exponential rate. This can “choke” the charge to the liftgate batteries, leading to possible downtime if there isn’t enough power to cycle the liftgate, or worst yet, a possible thermal event.

Avoid downtime due to corrosion

The Dual Pole QCS2 features a molded harness boot with sealed inner cavity which blocks moisture and contaminants from entering the plug and socket union, keeping corrosion out.

Pins are offset prevent accidental arcing. With a longer negative pin and shorter “hot” pin, the connection is grounded before power is circulated through the system on the positive pin, thus avoiding the potential for any sparks.

Part Numbers

16-2223 48” blunt-cut cable, 2 ga., includes dual pole QCS2® socket
16-2423 48” blunt-cut cable, 4 ga., includes dual pole QCS2® socket
16-324 Dual Pole QCS2® replacement socket

The Industry's ONLY dual pole plug connection with superior corrosion protection

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