EZTrac™ and
EZTrac™ Plus

Easy-to-install GPS tracking with a user-friendly dashboard and highly customizable reporting.

Knowing the location of an asset eliminates time spent searching for the asset, reduces unpaid miles (empty miles), increases driver productivity, and decreases operating costs.

EZTrac™ is an asset tracking system for trailers and chassis requiring minimal install with real-time tracking built to take abuse. Installation of the device is quick and easy with no splicing or re-wiring required.

With 4G LTE cellular coverage throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, an asset’s location can be tracked throughout most of the North American continent.

Real-time tracking and customizable reporting

Accessible via web or mobile app, the Phillips Connect portal provides complete visibility to your fleet anytime, anywhere.

Asset history, inventory management, customizable geofencing, boundary alerts, mileage reporting, and maintenance reminders are some of the features EZTrac™ has to offer to begin increasing your ROI immediately.

EZTrac™ Logo EZTrac™ Plus Logo
EZTrac™ App (Web + Mobile)
Intelligent Breadcrumb Tracking
Boundary Alerts
Nationwide 4G LTE Cellular Coverage
Internal GPS Antenna
Bluetooth (BLE 4.2)
Over-the-Air Updates
Internal Battery Life 6 months*
IP67 Rated
Device Dimensions 91mm x 39.4mm x 15.7mm 164mm x 80mm x 39mm
Weight 255g 420g
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Smart Harness for Additional Sensors Optional
*Battery life based on stationary reporting Hardware warranties, account subscriptions, and UI services are provided through Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT), an SBU of Phillips Industries. End users should contact PCT at 833.213.5839 or www.phillips-connect.com for inquiries related to these matters.

Reviewing the future of asset tracking

Juan & Rob from "Future of Driving" review the EZTrac™ and EZTrac™ Plus

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