QCS2® Harness

Weatherproof your system in a snap!

Corrosion is a problem that plagues the trucking industry. In the ‘90s when new hygroscopic deicers were introduced to the roads, fleets began seeing an increase in corrosion on their vehicles and in their electrical systems. Kick-up from the tractor wheels of snow, debris, and these new chemicals introduced an increased and more prevalent presence of corrosion all year long.

One area where fleets began to see corrosion first was in the electrical system where moisture and contaminants were wicking their way in. As current was fed through the circuits, the heat would increase the chemical reaction, acting like a sponge, drawing the moisture and contaminants further in, wreaking corrosive havoc on the electrical system. As a solution, Phillips introduced the QCS® and QCS2® for the 7-way socket connection.

Molded is the way to go for corrosion prevention

The QCS® and QCS2® for the 7-way connection is a weather-proof boot molded to the 7-way electrical harness that acts as the female receptacle for a weather-proof socket with male bulleted terminations.

With an easy to plug-in socket, installation and replacement are effortless without the need to re-wire. And with a weather-proof sealed connection, corrosion became virtually non-existent! The ease of maintenance and protection it offers the 7-way connection has made this award-winning product the leading 7-way tractor socket on the market today.

Part Numbers

16-7403 Straight back, 48'' blunt-cut cable, includes socket
16-7423-048 6 o'clock, 48" blunt-cut cable, includes socket
16-724 Replacement Socket

QCS2® significantly reduces socket replacement

See why the QCS2 is standard on most OEM trucks and one of the industry's top recommended product.