Weather-Tite™ M2

Completely molded to combat against corrosion

The WEATHER-TITE™ M2 plug was designed as an alternative to its zinc die-cast counterpart, to eliminate corrosion build up that can easily occur at the coupled liftgate connection. Corrosion can slow down, or completely block, the charge to the liftgate batteries causing downtime and delayed deliveries.

The WEATHER-TITE™ seal adds additional corrosion protection at the front of the plug by blocking moisture and contaminants from entering the electrical system through the coupled connection.

Avoid downtime due to corrosion

The WEATHER-TITE™ M2 liftgate electrical assembly has the only dual pole plug connection with superior corrosion protection, currently available on the market today.

The unbreakable, non-corrosive plug is completely molded and interchangeable with any standard J3082 liftgate dual pole socket.

Part Numbers

23-22576 Straight, 12 Ft., 2/4 ga.
23-22776 Straight, 15 Ft., 2/4 ga.
23-23276 Coiled, 12 Ft., 2/4 ga.
23-26276 Coiled, 15 Ft., 2/4 ga.
23-29276 Coiled, 15 Ft. with a 48" Lead, 2/4 ga.
25-22576 Straight, 12 Ft., 2/2 ga.
25-22776 Straight, 15 Ft., 2/2 ga.
25-23276 Coiled, 12 Ft., 2/2 ga.
25-26276 Coiled, 15 Ft., 2/2 ga.
25-29276 15 Ft. with a 48" Lead, 2/2 ga.

The Industry's ONLY dual pole plug connection with superior corrosion protection

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