QCS2® Extension Cable

QCS2® Extension Cable
  • Provides a 36" extension for your QCS2® as needed for applications such as bulkhead racks
  • For use with standard ABS wiring system
  • Jacketing is chemical and abrasion resistant and flexible from -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C)
  • A tight STA-DRY® seal locks out road contaminants, completely stopping the devastating effects of corrosion
  • Plugs directly into the QCS® or QCS2® boot, replacing the need for a socket
  • Bolts to QCS® or QCS2® boot creating a built in theft deterrent and is rarely removed further reducing the possibility of contaminants entering the electrical system
  • QCS2®
  • Works with QCS2® socket or QCMS™; electrical cable
  • Molded housing includes integrated flange to seal out moisture and corrosion
  • Parts
    Part No Description
    16-74036 36" QCS2® Straight LECTRAFLEX™ extension cable with QCMS2®
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