POM (Product of the Month): January 2018

Quarterly Focus: Corrosion Prevention and Vehicle Maintenance


Products of the Month:

QWIK-SHOT™ Dielectric Grease Tube Buckets, Foam Socket Seal Buckets, Gladhand Seal Buckets, Continuity Testers

At the start of a new year, especially when winter weather is still in full swing and corrosion is more rampant than ever, there are a handful of simple, yet effective tools that Phillips offers to help maintain a vehicle and keep it free from corrosion. This month Phillips is promoting counter top bucket display products and continuity testers.

Countertop Bucket Displays: QWIK-SHOT™ Dielectric Grease Tubes, Foam Socket Seals, Gladhand Seals

Phillips’ QWIK-SHOT™ dielectric grease tubes, foam socket seals and gladhand seals all come packaged in clear buckets that make for easy storage in shops, or great for countertop displays for ‘quick repair’ impulse buys. The products are small and easy to throw into any glove compartment or tool bag as a preventative measure. Foam socket seals are easy to install into any J560 socket and are designed to keep moisture and contaminants from making their way past the socket into the electrical system, while the application of dielectric grease creates a non-conductive, watertight barrier for any electrical connection. Gladhand seals are available in rubber and polyurethane and fit all industry standard gladhands. Gladhand seals should be inspected regularly and replaced at least once a year or more frequently at the first signs of damage.

Continuity Testers

Continuity testers are handy and essential tools for any shop or driver to keep on hand to check the conductivity of the circuits on a vehicle’s electrical connections. Pocket continuity testers plug directly into the electrical connection being tested and have easy to read LED light indicators. For more in-depth testing, a digital multimeter can be used to perform more precise tests, especially on a circuit that may appear to have failed.

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