POM (Product of the Month) March 2018

Quarterly Focus: Corrosion Repair


Products of the Month:

PERMALITE™ XT Lighting and Accessories

As we slowly move out of the winter season and into spring, moisture and contaminants may have likely had an opportunity to collect and create the potential for damage in areas that may not be visible, or are not frequently maintained. One example of this would be lighting connections. A broken or inoperable light is one of the most common reasons for a vehicle to be pulled over. In areas where harsh weather conditions are prevalent, the underlying cause for a failed light could quite possible be corrosion within the electrical harness or corrosion at the lighting connection. So to keep corrosion from tarnishing one’s driving record, as the winter season starts to die down and we move into dryer weather, it’s a good idea to take the time to check the lights and their connections to avoid unexpected lighting failures due to corrosion buildup. When severe corrosion is present, it’s better to replace both the electrical pigtail connection and the light where possible. And with our line of PERMALITE™ XT products featured as the product of the month for March, there’s no better choice for replacement lighting.

All PERMALITE™ XT lighting offers resistance to corrosion, harsh chemicals and UV exposure, in addition to superior durability and impact resistance. Lights with BOARDFREE® technology are designed with a patented in-mold LED lighting solution that eliminates the need for a printed circuit board. No printed circuit board means no hazardous waste, and no printed circuit board means optimal heat management, leading to a longer life expectancy. Outside of the BOARDFREE® family we also offer select hard wired LED lighting for applications with space restrictions. These lights are available with AMP and bullet connections. And of course the PERMALITE™ XT line of products wouldn’t be complete without lighting accessories, such as mounting grommets and brackets, as well as trim rings.

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