POM (Product of the Month) June 2018

Quarterly Focus: Repair and Preparation


Products of the Month:

Cable Support Tracker Bar Accessories

Failure to keep brake hoses or tubing from chaffing or kinking carries a 4-point severity under CSA guidelines. Failure to secure brake hose/tubing against mechanical damage also carries a 4-point severity and is one of the top ten most commonly cited vehicle violations during a roadside inspection. And while avoiding fines and penalties, as well as the downtime required to rectify the situation involving damaged air lines and cables are important, safety should be the number one goal. Cables that are severely damaged create a huge potential for failure while in-transit, which can lead to more than just 4 points on a record and being slapped with a fine, it can lead to accidents on the road. With proper cable maintenance and adequate support, the lifelines that keep the vehicle on the highway will stay in good working condition. This month we are promoting items from our line of cable support products such as pogo sticks, tracker bar springs, kits, and accessories, to keep a vehicle on the road and prepared for not only the ride but for any roadside inspections along the way.