POM (Product of the Month) July 2018

Quarterly Focus: Repair and Preparation


Products of the Month:

QWIK-FIT™ Push-To-Connect Air Fittings

Brake connections with leaks or constrictions carry a 4-point CSA violation. An air fitting that requires repair can easily be replaced with a Phillips QWIK-FIT™ Push-To-Connect composite fitting. While traditional brass air fittings are no less effective at getting the job done, there are definite benefits to using composite fittings instead. Installing composite fittings over brass saves on both weight and labor. In fact, a tractor equipped with Phillips QWIK-FIT™ composite fittings can typically save 5-7 pounds and can be installed up to 42% faster over brass! With the durability of brass and the savings on weight and labor, the Phillips QWIK-FIT™ composite fittings are ideal for OEM’s as well as all other quick air line repairs that need to be made on the tractor or trailer.