POM (Product of the Month): October 2018

Quarterly Focus: Corrosion Preparation and Repair


POM (Product of the Month): October 2018

Products of the Month:

Rubber Air Lines & Hoses

In preparation for the winter months ahead, vehicles with rubber air lines should be inspected for damage along the hose, such as severe cracking or chaffing, as well as damage at the fittings/connections, including leaks or corrosion. When hoses need to be replaced, Phillips offers rubber air lines in black, red and blue that are resistant to abrasion, cracking, kinking and weathering. They feature tractor-end swivel fittings for easy installation and spring guards for strain relief. Large hand grips provide easy coupling/uncoupling and hose support. Our red and blue air lines are also available in 2-IN-1 air combination assemblies, which are spiral wrapped for a clean organized look, and include a hanging clamp with stainless steel clip for secure and easy installation. Bulk rubber air hose is also available for building custom air line assemblies.