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Feb 28, 2022


  • Technology

A Revolution to Avoid Downtime

If there is one constant in this world, it is that it will change. Evolution is a slow shift of transformation over time, with revolution being a dramatic and wide-reaching change. When the entire world was nearly grounded to a halt due to the global pandemic, many took reactive and revolutionary approaches to keep their businesses moving forward in a time of uncertainty and downtime. In the trucking industry, efficiency is measured in uptime vs. downtime. When COVID took hold, downtime took on a whole new meaning. The impacts on many aspects of the business world were borderline catastrophic. The supply chain experienced a negative domino effect as worldwide economic progress was thwarted by health protocols that created drastic delays in the movement of goods. Nearly two years later, the dominos are still not done falling. In today’s economic atmosphere, inflation dominates conversions. Rising prices, due to the fall-out from the pandemic, reduced labor forces, increased shipping costs, and raw material shortages have led to constant internal reviews of how an operation does business to ensure they perform to traditional expectations. Business practices took interim revolutionary directions as they went into survival mode to meet the moment. Now, as the adrenalin begins to slow and we move into what may be an endemic, these revolutionary ways of doing business feed into the evolution of current and future practices. 

Evolution After Revolution

For decades, in many industries, complacency set in around a mentality of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” alluding to the acceptance that current processes were working fine. But businesses can no longer afford to think this way. And most that think this way without constantly challenging their ideology and practices don’t last long. Customers and competitors have evolved. Although the pandemic forced change in many respects, it was already well underway. As the world and industry progress, we as business owners and operators need to evolve along with it or find ourselves obsolete. With most businesses seeking ways to gain efficiency, plan better for disruptions, and prepare for unforeseen opportunities, many have had to creatively address the challenges they face to better position themselves for continued relevancy and growth. Maybe it’s a small change, like continuing to allow employees to work from home. Perhaps it’s a significant change, like launching an eCommerce platform to drive business to customers. They all have an impact and can make the difference between a successful future or becoming the next Blockbuster Video.  

The Phillips Evolution – Leading the Way

Plato once said, “Our need will be the real creator,” which over time evolved into the idiom, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” This is as true today as when first spoken, and the current business environment presents a tremendous opportunity to take leaps forward instead of baby steps. The entire marketplace is evolving right now, so do you want to blend in, keep up, or lead the way? 

As a forethought leader in the industry, Phillips is committed to leading the way, solving problems of tomorrow’s world, not yesterday’s. We have built our reputation on preparing for and responding to the challenges of the transportation industry. We are continually seeking new ways as a solution-driven innovator. We make products that make the difference and support the evolution of how a business operates. Our approach to innovation considers industry challenges and operation efficiency to design quality products built with longevity in mind and ease of serviceability to increase productivity in the shop and over the road. As a truck parts manufacturer, we recognized the need for technological evolution in the heavy-duty trucking industry and stepped into the world of telematics long before the pandemic made an appearance. So, in addition to traditional Phillips components that keep trucks moving, Phillips Connect offers customers the opportunity to further enhance vehicle performance by making their trailers “smart.” By combining quality with technology and innovation, Phillips is staying ahead of the curve in its product offerings to ensure its customer’s operations are meeting their goals in forging their evolutionary path.