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Phillips Industries is celebrating its 90th anniversary as a leading supplier and manufacturer of parts for the trucking industry. The company was built on a signal arm when a patent was awarded to Phillips founder Hugh Phillips in 1928. The company began manufacturing the reflective signal arm two years later, and this single product became the foundation on which the company's success was built.

Today, Phillips Industries is an innovator as well as distributor of a wide variety of commercial trucking products, serving both OEMs and the aftermarket. The company is a vendor to virtually every major tractor and trailer manufacturer in the U.S., and a leader in the parts aftermarket.


  • Phillips Industries Celebrates 90 Years of Innovation.


  • Phillips Industries Launches Newest Division: Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT).


  • Phillips Industries has introduced the new STA-CHARGE™ Battery Charger.
  • Aurora Parts & Accessories Recognizes Phillips Industries with their 2016 Supplier Partnership Award.
  • North American Phillips Industries Manufacturing Facilities Receive the DTNA Masters of Quality Award for 2015.
  • Phillips Industries Develops First Auxiliary Vertical Dual Pole Plug and Socket to Meet New SAE J3082 Safety Standards.
  • Phillips Industries Introduces New Brighter LED Dome Lamps, Available with or Without Motion Sensors, for Commercial Trailers
  • Phillips Industries has introduced the PERMALOGIC™ Smart-Charge trailer power management system.


  • Phillip Industries' 4-IN-1 Electrical and Air Combo Assembly is awarded HDT's Top 20 New Products of 2014.


  • Phillip Industries' STA-DRY® QCMS2™ is awarded HDT's Top 20 New Products of 2014.
  • Phillips announces new trailer lights and harness bundle for OEMs and aftermarket. The new BOARDFREE® light technology will be exclusively distributed by Phillips as they begin a new partnership with Innotec.


  • Phillips celebrates it's 85th anniversary!
  • Bob Phillips, Phillips Industries' President and CEO, reaches fifty-year milestone.
  • Rob Phillips takes over as new President and COO of Phillips Industries.
  • Phillips releases new revolutionary STA-DRY® QCMS2™, the first socket/plug hybrid.
  • Phillip Industries' STA-DRY® S7™ is awarded HDT's Top 20 New Products of 2012.


  • Phillips unveils the STA-DRY® S7™, an innovation in electrical socket technology.
  • Phillips Industries' makes an exciting patented change to improve the performance and extend the life of their PERMAPLUG™ by adding a new WEATHER-TITE™ Seal to lock out the elements and corrosion causing chemicals.
  • Phillips Industries Manufactura Zapaliname located in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico is selected to receive the prestigious Daimler Trucks North America Masters of Quality Award for 2011.


  • For the third time, Phillips Industries has been selected to receive the prestigious Daimler Trucks North America Masters of Quality Award for 2010.
  • Phillips releases new groundbreaking Battery Status Indicator, The VOLT-CHECK™. The simple device can be added to monitor the state of power for any battery, particularly liftgate batteries. It alerts operators during pre-trip inspections that battery power may be lower than required.
  • Rob Phillips is promoted to Vice President of Global Operations.


  • Phillips begins production of ISO 24 volt plugs, sockets, coiled air and coiled electrical assemblies.
  • Phillips also announces a major expansion to over 70,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space in Saltillo Mexico, now offering pre-made sealed wire harnesses for any application with short lead times at competitive costs.
  • Phillips is awarded the Daimler Trucks of North America's prestigious Masters of Quality Award for 2010.


  • Phillips is given the Daimler Trucks of North America's prestigious Masters of Quality Award for 2008.


  • Phillips Celebrates 80 Year Anniversary!
  • Daimler Trucks North America has recognized Phillips Industries as one of its best suppliers for 2007 with its prestigious Masters of Quality Award.
  • Phillips is recognized as Napa's Supplier of the Year.


  • Phillips Expands their electrical product offerings - PERMALOGIC™ TC PLUS & PERMALITE™ XB LED are introduced


  • Phillips opens up a facility in China with the direction of manufacturing products for Asia and US markets. Due to high demand for Phillips products in Asia, production begins in Shanghai, China.
  • Phillips Industries CVP division acquires their ISO 9001 certification.


  • Phillips finalizes development of the PERMALOGIC™ - an electronic controller designed to manage power to trailer dome lamps. The controller features a multi-color LED light pattern that indicates multiple operating conditions, such as high/low voltage or a short circuit.


  • Phillips launches QCP™ (Quick-Connect Plug), making changing a 7-way electrical plug easy and quick. No more fumbling with wires and screws, because the QCP™ contains an easy-to-change insert connection to a completely sealed cable. Allows drivers to change plug ends on 7-way electrical assemblies in 30 seconds.


  • Phillips launches the ElectroLink which eliminates truck idling for drivers. Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine selected the Phillips ElecroLink as one of the Top 50 products that debuted in 2002.
  • Phillips helps fleets save on replacement costs of alternators, starters and batteries by introducing CLEAR-VU™ clear-jacketed battery cable.


  • Phillips Introduces revolutionary new gladhand design: Latch-It Gladhand.
  • The QUICK-CONNECT SOCKET® (QCS®) becomes standard on most class 8 tractor OEMs in North America


  • Due to demand for Phillips products, a new state-of-the-art building is constructed, becoming Phillips corporate and manufacturing facility located in Santa Fe Springs, CA


  • Phillips Celebrates 70 Year Anniversary.
  • Phillips introduces Dual Pole lifgate assembly.


  • Phillips becomes principal supplier of ABS assemblies for North American tractor OEMs.


  • Phillips dominates manufacturing on trailer harnesses.


  • To combat corrosion, STA-DRY® water-proof metallic and non-metallic socketbreakers are introduced by Phillips Industries.


  • Electrical Harness Division opens, focusing on manufacturing sealed, modular trailer electrical harnesses.


  • Phillips Celebrates 60 Year Anniversary!


  • The industry's first combination gladhand and quick-exhaust valve was introduced by Phillips. Over 2 million have been sold, saving fleets over USD $250,000,000.


  • Phillips' electrical assemblies are standard on 7 of the 8 tractor manufactures in North America.


  • Coiled air lines are introduced.


  • 7-way plugs and sockets are introduced. Over 20,000,000 have been sold since introduction!


  • Phillips Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary!
  • Phillips becomes wire and cable manufacturer and builds a plant which houses 2 wire extruders.


  • Gladhands are introduced to the industry. Over 50,000,000 have been sold since introduction!


  • Phillips begins production of the industry's first coiled 7-way electrical assembly made in North America.


  • Phillips manufactures reflective signal arm.


The beginning

  • H.W. Phillips begins as distributor of auto & truck components.
  • H.W. Phillips invents and patents the first reflective directional signal arm for trucks.