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Our obsession with innovation is woven into everything we do and is driven by a passion to create pioneering products and solutions that help our customers succeed, because our customer’s success is our success. Phillips industries is not only committed to providing our customers with the very best service, solutions and quality, but our commitment also extends to reaching out and giving back to our communities. Learn more about what people are saying about Phillips.
Ryan Peterson <p>Vice President of Parts

Our philosophy is to align with companies that believe in quality, support, and innovation. We focus our efforts on products that bring value to our customers. While knowledgeable vendor representatives, who have a passion for what they do, are key to our growth and our customer’s success, so is the ability to keep up with the ever-increasing stocking demands and market needs. Phillips Industries stands for everything we believe and comes to market with innovation and quality. Phillip’s Industries’ innovative products offer our customers solutions to issues which save them time and money and the professionalism of their field support stands behind no one. Phillips’ frontline team is a big reason we are loyal to what the company stands for and what they offer. Over our 10 plus year relationship, we have always considered Phillips Industries a strategic partner and one of our primary product lines we introduce to our customer. From top to bottom, Phillips Industries is a world class organization who continues to put the customer first, which makes it easy for us to align with them. When I think about companies that help us win, I think of Phillips Industries first. Thank you for our partnership and our continued mutual success.

Vice President of Parts
Truck Center Companies

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Carl A. Boettcher, CEO - Founder

Phillips Industries always focused on going the distance for HTS Systems; Literally. To read the complete article click here.

Mike Cueto <p>Director of Parts Sales & Marketing, Retired

When it comes to picking a supplier partner Phillips Industries has proven to be best of class in every sense of the word. World class innovative products, great fill rates, well-trained field representation, and a senior management team that truly listens to the customer. A few years ago, we decided to create a deeper relationship with Phillips and our sales have skyrocketed. This partnership allowed us to consolidate other lines we were purchasing elsewhere as well. Our philosophy is to supply our customers with the best quality products, while providing superior value, and Phillips has definitely helped us in this endeavor.

Director of Parts Sales & Marketing, Retired
Velocity Vehicle Group

Justin Brevik <p>VP of Maintenance and Purchasing

Phillips has always been a thought-leader helping provide solutions for the industry’s toughest problems, which is why we partnered with them. They have a lot of their bases covered, from great quality products to great support from the entire organization. Phillips is just easy to do business with. What stands out for me, among the points I just mentioned, is their willingness to help and keep an open mind to new ideas. Phillips wants to hear what’s happening out on the road and in the maintenance shops, they want to be a part of the process that helps us drive forward with success.

VP of Maintenance and Purchasing
Stone Trucking Company

Alejandro Garcia Flores <p>Director General

Por medio de la presente queremos dejar constancia que hemos distribuido productos Phillips en el mercado mexicano por más de 15 años, y siempre hemos recibido un producto de alta calidad, así como un alto servicio y atención parte del equipo de fábrica y ventas. Tanto nosotros como nuestros clientes y el mercado en general reconoce que la marca Phillips es la que más presencia tiene en el mercado original, la que desarrolla y lidera los productos de innovación y que por consecuencia tiene la mejor calidad del mercado. De parte de Zor Capital Group, agradecemos todo el apoyo que nos ha dado todo el equipo de trabajo de Phillips para impulsar nuestras ventas con productos que siempre buscan rendir mas de lo esperado y buscamos seguir trabajando de la misma forma en un futuro para poder seguir con nuestro crecimiento mutuo consolidando la marca y prestigio de Phillips.

Translation: By means of this letter, we confirm that we have distributed Phillips products for more than 15 years in the Mexican market and during this time we have always received the highest quality products as well as excellent service provided by both operations and sales personnel. We would like to express that Phillips products are the most well recognized in the market and considered the leader of innovation and development with the best quality products in the market. On behalf of Zor Capital Group, we appreciate all the support provided by the entire team at Phillips in growing our sales with your great products and look forward to continue working together in consolidating the brand and its prestige in our market.

Director General

Asiel “Ace” Arroyo <p>U.S. Marine Veteran

As a transitioning veteran and the first in my family to go to college, I would not have stayed in school and succeeded without the Wyakin Foundation® to provide me with the confidence, guidance, and encouragement I needed. I can honestly say that what I have achieved is a direct result of the incredible generosity that Phillips Industries has shown in support of Wyakin, and I am grateful for the role that Phillips has played in my success.

U.S. Marine Veteran
Wyakin Foundation®

Nick Seidel <p>VP & Sales Manager

Phillips has done a great job understanding our business and how we go to market. This is essential when picking a supplier to do business with. The Phillips team have gone above and beyond to fulfill our needs as a distributor of their product offering. With our retail aspect of the business, Phillips was willing to explore all options when deciding what products to bring into our showroom and how we were going to market it to our customers. From sales flyers to product giveaways, Phillips Industries truly got behind Action Truck Parts and our vision for success.

VP & Sales Manager
Action Truck Parts, Inc.

Gerry Mead <p>Former VP of Maintenance

We chose to partner with Phillips for a combination of reasons, from having the best products, to being able to buy an entire system from one supplier, to extraordinary customer service. It just makes sense to partner with the best!

Former VP of Maintenance

Jeff Bacon <p> President

As a volunteer who works with wounded and injured veterans pursuing their career goals, it is gratifying to see a company that “walks the walk” in supporting those who served. Providing financial support, mentoring, advocacy and opportunity to men and women who have sacrificed for their country, Phillips has become an industry leader that sets the standard for others to follow. Phillips shares in each accomplishment and victory that Wyakin achieves. It is an honor being on the same team.

Wyakin Foundation®

Dennis Damman <p>National Fleet Manager, Retired

Phillips has a really really good reputation in the industry, we’re all very proud of that. We are number one. I tell everybody we don’t have the best light cord in the industry, we have the four best light cords in the industry.

National Fleet Manager, Retired