They Gave. We're Giving Back.
Through a partnership between Phillips and the Wyakin Foundation, by purchasing a “Green Gives Back” product you are supporting veterans in their journey from being a wounded and injured veteran to a successful civilian life.

It’s our turn to serve.

Together with the Wyakin Foundation, we are serving the men and women who have served us with the support, counsel, and the motivation they need to develop new skill sets and a renewed sense of purpose and self-identity.

Veteran transition presents challenges and the Wyakin Foundation serves as a conduit to connect wounded and injured veterans to their successful civilian futures.


Sharing the Journey

The Wyakin Foundation illuminates the path forward for transitioning veterans, and then walks that path with them. Providing the structure, connectivity, and purpose that our Warriors need to transition to the healthy futures they deserve.

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Wyakin Warrior

Benjamin Van Hoogen

Benjamin served as a Medic in the US Army for three years. He is from Boise, ID and is currently pursuing a BS in nursing at Boise State University.

How has your military experience helped you prepare for what we are experiencing today in this pandemic?

BVH: The US Army taught me how to be resilient, mentally and physically. This is absolutely imperative in 2020. Being able to wake up, get dressed into your scrubs, and walk into the unknown, requires a certain amount of mental resiliency. I have a team, patients and their families that count on me to give my best.

Do you have any advice for our brave medical frontline workers?

BVH: Rely on your team and utilize your resources. My team includes my co-workers, my fellow veterans, and my mentors (courtesy of the Wyakin program). For those working on the front line, your organization may have an employee mental health resource. If they do, utilize it.

Every purchase supports veterans on their journey to discover new purposes.

A portion of the proceeds from every “Green Gives Back" product purchase goes to support the Wyakin Foundation in their mission to serve the men and women who served us.

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Show your support!

Every “Green Gives Back” product will include a limited-edition sticker. Designs will be constantly changing, so collect your favorites and place them on your rig, toolbox, or window to show your support for veterans.

Take a picture of your green spring sleeve or sticker and tag us with the hashtag #greengivesback. Together we can rewrite the story.

Join Phillips and the Wyakin Foundation in supporting veterans to a healthy future.

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