For Extreme Weather Conditions

Designed to avoid sag from recoil memory loss due to extreme winter temperatures. Avoid downtime, CSA violations, and keep drivers safe on the road.

If temperatures are too cold and drop below a coiled air line's working temperature, the air lines can lose their ability to stretch and recoil. When air lines lose their ability to stretch, force is applied to the gladhands and can separate or even completely pull away, causing a loss in air pressure to the brake system. Inflexibility in the air lines can cause kinking, which can block air to the brake system as well as permanently damage air lines.

Polar Air Jacketing

Made of a proprietary blend, is designed to surround an air assembly’s nylon tubing to create a barrier from harsh outside temperatures.

  • This extra layer allows for coil flexibility to expand and contract at temperatures lower than the standard of -40°F. The ability to remain flexible at -85°F reduces the possibility of memory loss from subzero temperatures.
  • This avoids sag and drag on the deck plate from over-stretched assemblies and the possibility of kinking in the air lines.

Part Numbers

11-5110 8' pair (red and blue)
11-5120 12' pair (red and blue)
11-5300 12' pair (red and blue) with 40" lead
11-5150 15' pair (red and blue)
11-5151 15' red (emergency)
11-5152 15' blue (service)
11-5400 15' pair (red and blue) with 40" lead
11-5401 15' red (emergency) with 40" lead
11-5402 15' blue (service) with 40" lead
11-5200 20' pair (red and blue)
11-5240 20' pair (red and blue) with 40" lead
11-51209 12' pair (red and blue) with gladhands
11-51509 15' pair (red and blue) with gladhands
11-54009 15' pair (red and blue) with 40" lead, with gladhands

Avoid Air Line Failure in Extreme Winter Conditions