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Jan 9, 2024

Phillips Industries Durable Interior Corner Lights for Dry Vans and Reefers

Phillips Industries is pleased to offer PERMALITE™ Apex, the next generation of bright, interior corner trailer lights for dry vans and refrigerated trailers. The lights are designed to be energy efficient, built to withstand harsh trucking conditions.

BoardFree™ Technology

The lights are manufactured with BoardFree™ technology that eliminates the need for a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), enhancing the resilience of our products against damage caused by liquids or chemicals. Additionally, the overmolded and BoardFree™ design guarantees that our lighting solutions maintain exceptional resistance to corrosion, water, shocks, and impacts. The lights meet the highest IP67 and IP69K standards, and deliver unmatched performance and longevity in any environment.

PERMALITE™ Apex is Durable, Efficient, & Simple to Install

As trailer manufacturers produce equipment with thinner and thinner roof designs, ceiling lighting is more susceptible to impact damage from forklifts and other loading and unloading events. The PERMALITE™ Apex lights are mounted in the interior upper corners of the trailer placing them out of the way from this type of damage.  Each light has over 600 lumens, and draws .5 amps of current, making it possible to put 10 or more lamps on a standard circuit.  

Food Safety Regulation Compliant

PERMALITE™ Apex is the only interior trailer light that can withstand the intensive cleaning guidelines as defined by the highest IP67 and IP69K rating which is based on a product’s ability to withstand the intrusion of solids and liquids. The lights were designed from the ground up to withstand the impact of high-pressure and high-temperature pressure washing, ensuring that the trailer is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. IP69K standards are crucial for fleets handling food-grade products. The standards meet the strict Food Safety Modernization Act regulations, which are enacted to prevent contamination in the food supply chain.

Increase Efficiency – Advance Safety – Maximize ROI

“The development of our new corner lights is significant in continuing to offer our partners meaningful solutions. It was important to us to get the IP69K rating. Many fleets need their equipment to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected without being damaged, to meet these rigorous standards, and we are happy to provide a durable solution for them,” commented Dan Forthoffer, Vice President of Corporate R&D. 

The PERMALITE™ Apex is efficient and ideal for dry and refrigerated vans, and help fleets to increase efficiency, advance safety, and maximize ROI. They deliver superior visibility when needed with efficient power usage and are the most durable interior trailer lights on the market. The ability to withstand frequent aggressive cleaning makes them especially ideal for fleets subject to food safety regulations.