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Jun 11, 2003

Change It – In a Snap!

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Put your tools away, Phillips has made changing the spring on your tracker bar a snap! As any mechanic knows, changing tracker bar hardware is a monumental task. The new clip Snap-On Clip requires no tools to replace the cable support assembly and the work can be done in less than twenty seconds!

Phillips Industries, a worldwide leader in manufacturing trucking parts, announces the new Snap-On Clip. Made from solid aluminum, the lightweight, rugged and corrosive-resistant clip is another way of prolonging product life and reducing labor costs. The anodized aluminum clip is stronger and more durable than typical nylon rings and comes standard on all tracker bars kits and cable support assemblies.

"The current nylon rings, while durable, are not very convenient,” says Eric DeWilde, Director of Research and Development. “Changing a spring set requires removing one end of the tracker bar from the back of the cab, threading the new ring on, and reinstalling the tracker bar. Phillips new Snap-On Clip cuts the process down to under twenty seconds, with no tools required."

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