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Jun 25, 2003

Dallas Facility Expands to Meet New Markets

Dallas, Texas – Phillips Industries, a leader in manufacturing parts for the transportation industry, gains new capabilities to expand its market position within the transportation industry. The Dallas, Texas Division of Phillips Industries primarily focuses on manufacturing specialty trailer harnesses for major over-the-road trailer OEM’s but is now gearing for growth in new markets.

Phillips’ Dallas facility has increased its capabilities and capacity to target lighter duty trailers, box vans, towing, R.V.’s and other vehicles within the transportation industry. With its professional staff providing excellent customer care, quality product knowledge, and the tools to accomplish most types of custom electrical assemblies, more customers are relying on Phillips for their specialty harness needs.

The engineering, design, and sales departments have the knowledge to understand customer needs and deliver top-quality products time after time. Since January of 2003, Phillips Dallas has averaged 98.7% on-time delivery and, under QS 9000 guidelines, has consistently produced products beyond customer expectations. The division now has the ability to design and assemble most gauges of wire, mold any type of plug and test any type of harness or electrical assembly. A fully equipped, integrated tool shop enhances Phillips’ product customization abilities while maintaining fast turnaround, saving customers time and money.

“Whether it’s build-to-print harness or an original electrical assembly, we are committed to manufacturing the right part on-time, every time!” says Walter Hooper, General Manager for the Dallas, Texas facility.

For 75 years, Phillips has been committed to designing innovative quality parts saving customers valuable time and money. What can we design for you? For more information, contact the Phillips Dallas at 214-342-0100 or visit