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Oct 13, 2003

Introducing the New QCP™ (Quick Connect Plug) Assembly

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Phillips Industries introduces the New QCP™ (Quick Connect Plug) Assembly. The new QCP™ Assembly is the latest offering in Phillips’ STA-DRY® line of anti-corrosive products.

Featuring a molded housing, the plug resists calcium and magnesium chlorides and protects against salts and fuels. Coupled with the molded end comes a replaceable cartridge. This allows mechanics and drivers a simple and fast way to change a damaged plug end. With the QCP™, simply unscrew the setscrew in the housing and unplug the cartridge. Both ends contain the same easy-to-change cartridge and a mechanic or driver can change a plug end in less than two minutes!

“The QCP™ is the longest-lasting, most trouble-free cable Phillips has ever designed, saving hundreds of dollars per vehicle over the course of a year,” says Bill Phillips, Director of Sales.

The new QCP™ (Quick Connect Plug) Assembly incorporates the features common to all Phillips electrical assemblies. High resistance to contaminants and diesel fuels, machined brass pins, super-tuff housing and patented large finger grips are just a few of the standard features.

Phillips Industries has literature on the Quick Connect Plug Assembly available upon request. For more details, please visit or call 800.423.4512.