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May 4, 2011

New Phillips STA-DRY® CLEAR-VU Window CRIMP & SEAL Connectors Provide Visual Assurance of Sealed

New Phillips STA-DRY® CLEAR-VU Window CRIMP & SEAL Connectors Provide Visual Assurance of Sealed Termination


Santa Fe Springs, CA (May 4, 2011) Phillips Industries has applied both their CLEAR-VU™ and STA-DRY® technologies to new Window CRIMP & SEAL™ Connectors providing optimal visual assurance that wire are sealed and crimped properly, and that corrosion build up is prevented. Standard connectors do not allow the installer to see the wire, which if stripped too short or not fully seated properly would result in poor terminations. Phillips has solved those problems with CLEAR-VU™ adhesive lined tubing which allows for easy see-through inspection and guarantees a waterproof seal to prevent corrosion.

The sealed window in the center of the new STA-DRY® CLEAR-VU™ Window CRIMP & SEAL™ Connectors gives instant and continuous visual assurance that wires are seated properly and that there is no corrosion build up. Color-coded striped identify wire gauge size and also indicate /guide the installer to the proper crimp position in the center of the barrel. Phillips STA-DRY® CLEAR-VU™ CRIMP & SEAL™ Connectors are just the latest product development using technologies designed to reduce maintenance costs and minimize un-scheduled breakdowns of truck and trailer equipment. Phillips STA-DRY® products help prevent corrosion build up in electrical and air systems, one of the major concerns of vehicle operators.


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