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Nov 25, 2003

Phillips Has a Solution to Cold Weather Air Trouble

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA NOVEMBER 2003 – Phillips Industries, the leader in trucking parts for over 75 years, has developed the new Polar Air™, cold weather air coil. The Polar Air™ was designed to survive the rigors of cold weather travel. “The SAE requires air coils to be made with nylon tubing. Nylon becomes brittle and stiff in cold weather; one wrong move and a nylon coil can shatter like glass”, said Rob Phillips, General Manager. “The Phillips’ Polar Air™ is made with a heavy-duty jacketing extruded over nylon tubing to protect against freezing in the winter and UV rays in the summer, both which degrade standard nylon tubing. This high-strength jacketing will protect against shattering, kinking or fracturing of any type.” Phillips’ Polar Air features a heavy-duty jacketing that allows it to remain flexible to -85°F and offers unparallel corrosion and abrasion resistance with superior recoil memory. Phillips’ Polar Air™ is also equipped with an extended brass handle, which adds increased leverage to the gladhand. The overall result . . . Phillips’ Polar Air™ will be one of the longest lasting coils you’ll ever use! To put the Polar Air to the test or find out about other innovative trucking products visit