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Sep 23, 2020

Phillips Industries Expands Weather-proof Dual Pole Socket Connection Family to Include New Straight Back Version

Phillips Industries Expands Weather-proof Dual Pole Socket Connection Family to Include New Straight Back Version
Santa Fe Springs, CA (September 23, 2019) Phillips Industries has expanded their family of weather-proof Dual Pole QCS2® (Quick-Change Socket) connections to include a straight back version, designed for both tractor and trailer applications. 
For a weather-proof liftgate socket connection that offers quick and easy socket replacement without the need to re-wire, the Dual Pole QCS2 is the only solution available on the market today.  Phillips’ Dual Pole QCS2 has superior corrosion protection for dual pole applications such as liftgate systems. 
Any open connection on a vehicle is susceptible to corrosion, including the liftgate connection. And build up at the liftgate electrical union can be even more devastating because it requires a larger amperage draw than in the 7-way, increasing the chemical reaction of corrosion at an exponential rate.  This can “choke” the charge to the liftgate batteries, leading to possible downtime if there isn’t enough power to cycle the liftgate or even a thermal event. The Phillips Dual Pole QCS2 helps to avoid these problems. 
The molded straight-back harness boot with a sealed inner cavity is completely molded to the liftgate harness cable. It grips the easy-to plug-in bulleted socket and holds it in place to block moisture and contaminant entry where they join together. The socket housing is non-corrosive, and offset pins prevent accidental arcing by grounding the connection before power begins circulating through the system.
In addition to the new straight back version, Phillips is also introducing a complete Dual Pole QCS2 installation kit for tractors with everything needed to upgrade from a zinc die-cast liftgate connection to a superior weather-proof, corrosion-resistant one.
The Dual Pole QCS2 straight back version is available from Phillips authorized dealers
for dual pole connections on the tractor or trailer side, with a 48” blunt cut battery cable harness offered with either a 2-gauge or 4-gauge option.
For the ultimate weather-proof liftgate system, combine the Dual Pole QCS2 connections with the WEATHER-TITE™ M2 dual pole liftgate assembly.
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About Phillips Industries

Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA Phillips Industries is a leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced electrical and air brake system components, as well as electronic solutions for communicating vehicle data to fleets and their drivers for the commercial truck and trailer industry.  Phillips’ products are standard on nearly 100% of Class 8 trucks, more than 50% of all trailers manufactured in North America, and can be purchased at virtually all premium distributors.  Phillips has manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the US and Canada, as well as Mexico, China, and Europe. Phillips maintains active membership in key industry associations including TMC, SAE, Heavy Duty Manufacturing Association and various state trucking associations.  Their manufacturing facilities have earned the top quality accreditations including ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 as well as multiple prestigious customer awards from Daimler, NAPA, and many others.


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