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Feb 19, 2012

Phillips Industries Introduces Latest Corrosion Blocking Product Innovation at 2012 TMC Press Conf.

Phillips Industries Introduces Latest Corrosion Blocking Product Innovation at 2012 TMC Press Conference

TAMPA (February 19, 2012) At a press conference held today in conjunction with TMC’s 2012 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, Phillips Industries introduced their latest corrosion-blocker product innovations.  The new STA-DYR® WEATHER-TITE™ Connectors, seven-way male connector plugs with integrated seals that stop moisture from entering the electrical system.   

Phillips Industries leads the industry in testing and development of products to stop magnesium chloride from entering truck and trailer electrical systems and causing damage.  Damage can be costly from unscheduled downtime, interruption in electrical power and even potential electrical arcing caused by moisture and contaminates in the socket.  Phillips is excited to introduce the first connector, an unbreakable glass filled nylon connector, and the second, a hybrid combination using unbreakable glass filled nylon and zinc die cast.  Each new WEATHER-TITE™ connector has added protection from moisture with a 3-blade Nitrile wiper seal at the mating end.  This WEATHER-TITE™ seal effectively blocks any contaminants from entering at the 7-way connection. 

Interactive and hands-on displays of the new WEATHER-TITE™ Connectors will be on exhibit in Booth #818 during exhibition hours so fleet representatives can see for themselves how this product gives added protection against corrosion build up in the electrical system.  Features of the WEATHER-TITE™ Connectors include: 

  • Nitrile sealing rings that stop magnesium chloride and other debris from entering socket
  • Mates with any SAE approved 7-way conductor socket
  • Wiper seals are field replaceable
  • Connector rear is sealed with compression clamp and TPR sleeve for further corrosion protection
  • Cable guard is ratchet locked preventing vibration from loosening guard
  • Connector has ABS bumper
  • 26 gauge brass insert pins have stainless steel compression springs
  • Standard with dielectric grease 

Phillips WEATHER-TITE™ Connectors will be available July 2012 on new equipment or for replacement from authorized Phillips distributors.

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Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA Phillips Industries is a leading supplier, innovator and manufacturer of advanced electrical and air brake interface equipment for the commercial vehicle industry. Phillips is a major participant in industry associations including TMC, SAE, Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association and state trucking associations.  Phillips Industries Commercial Vehicle Products Santa Fe Springs facility is accredited to ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14001.   Phillips Industries has manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as in Mexico and China.