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Mar 22, 2018

Phillips Industries Introduces the QWIK-CHECK That Confirms a Tractor/Trailer Electrical Connection

Phillips Industries Introduces the QWIK-CHECK™ That Confirms a Tractor/Trailer Electrical Connection

Santa Fe Springs, CA (March 21, 2018) Phillips Industries has introduced the QWIK-CHECK™, developed for quick and easy confirmation of power within the 7-way connection between the tractor and trailer. Designed for integration into the electrical system of the nosebox, it eliminates the immediate need for a continuity tester, visually confirming an electrical signal from the tractor to the trailer.

With the tractor turned on, and power supplied to the 7-way connection, the color-coded LED lights of the QWIK-CHECK will light up as each circuit receives power. Each light is an indication that power to the correlating circuit is reaching the 7-way connection. If a light does not come on, it indicates that there is a problem with the associated circuit and further investigation is warranted.

The QWIK-CHECK is currently offered for universal installation on any nosebox, or as a readily available replacement for units already installed on the i-BOX™ or VOLT-BOX™ noseboxes. The universal unit comes with 12-inch blunt cut wires and ring terminals to customize installation. Replacement units come with wires pre-cut to length and ring terminals already installed.

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About Phillips Industries:
Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA Phillips Industries is a leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced electrical and air brake system components, as well as electronic solutions for communicating vehicle data to fleets and their drivers for the commercial truck and trailer industry. Phillips’ products are standard on nearly 100% of Class 8 trucks, more than 50% of all trailers manufactured in North America, and can be purchased at virtually all premium distributors. Phillips has manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the US and Canada, as well as Mexico, China, and Europe. Phillips maintains active membership in key industry associations including TMC, SAE, Heavy Duty Manufacturing Association and various state trucking associations. Their manufacturing facilities have earned the top-quality accreditations including ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 as well as multiple prestigious customer awards from Daimler, NAPA, and many others.

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