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Nov 23, 2003

Phillips’ Latest Innovation…Best Combatant to Corrosion

SANTA FE, CALIFORNIA – With the increase of corrosion caused by magnesium chloride, Phillips Industries is the only manufacturer to address the area of electrical systems protection and develop a solution.

The QCP™ (Quick Connect Plug) assembly is the only patented, fully sealed electrical cable assembly on the market today. The molded connectors block contaminants from entering the front and rear of the plug, which ensures corrosion-free electrical performance.

Not only does the QCP™ assembly seal out contaminants but it is also easy to use and repair. It features a replaceable cartridge with floating brass pins that insert into a completely sealed cable. The machined brass pins are durable and long lasting and the nylon “SuperTuff” housing resists chemicals, fuels, and contaminants.

There is no longer a need to replace the plug or entire cable assembly. With the twist of one screw, a new cartridge can be installed in around 30 seconds. Spare cartridges can be carried in the glove box and will eliminate road calls for electrical cable failures and downtime for drivers.

“The QCP™ concept is similar to the idea of a razor and razorblade,” said Greg Kinsey, Engineering Manager for Phillips, “Why throw away a functioning cable when the only part that needs to be replaced is the end? It is simply the best solution to the corrosion problem for trucking fleets.”

Phillips Industries Santa Fe, CA designs, tools and molds wiring for the heavy-duty trucking and automotive industry. All wire harnesses meet QS 9000 specifications and can be made available for custom orders. For more information, please visit or call 800.423.4512.