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Jun 12, 2003

Phillips’ QWIK-E® Saves Fleet Owners Thousands of Dollars!

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Since it’s introduction, the Phillips’ QWIK-E® (Quick Release Gladhand), has saved fleet owners millions of dollars. The QWIK-E® was developed in conjunction with some of the world’s largest fleets and since it’s launch over one million units have been installed around the world! Progressive fleets determined that by releasing the trailer brake off the brake drum faster, they cold save thousands of dollars per year on brake re-lines and tire wear.

It is reported that a half second delay in brake release at 45 MPH causes the trailer to be dragged 33 feet. By using the QWIK-E®  Gladhand, brakes are released in 0.5 seconds versus 1.0 second – a 50% reduction in release time. This delay and drag causes excessive wear in tires and brake components, as well as tire hop in stop-and-go traffic.

"The QWIK-E improves brake release time (shoe off drum) over 50% compared with standard gladhands,” explains Eric DeWilde, Director of Research and Development for Phillips. “With release time minimized, brake and tire life are increased substantially and by increasing the life of brake linings and pads, it reduces the cost of vehicle ownership.”

With over one million successful QWIK-E Gladhands installed around the world, it’s no wonder fleet owners look to Phillips to help increase their profit margins. So, when every half-second counts, keep your fleet on the street by adding up to 100,000 miles between brake lining replacements! For more details, please visit or call 800.423.4512.