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Nov 25, 2003

Pigtails Aren’t Only for Little Girls

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA NOVEMBER 2003 – Phillips Industries, the leading electrical harness manufacturer for the heavy-duty trucking industry, is expanding product lines to fulfill your every electrical harness need.

In addition to Phillips’ STA-DRY® harnesses, we are now offering STA-DRY pigtails for LED and incandescent lamps.

“Even if, your vehicle is not factory equipped with a STA-DRY® harness you can now protect your trailer with the next best thing and see the benefits of an anti-corrosive connection to your lamp”, stated Mike Langan, Phillips’ National Engineering and Sales Manager.

STA-DRY® pigtails feature molded pins, which create a water-tight seal to lamp receptacles and protect against Calcium and Magnesium Chlorides. Phillips’ offers pigtails to fit all industry-standard Stop/Tail/Turn and marker lamps. Universal in nature, Phillips’ pigtails also eliminate the need to stock separate roadside and curbside pigtails. All pigtails are available with bullet terminations for ground return or blunt cut for chassis ground systems. For best protection, use STA-DRY® Heat Shrink Connectors with all blunt cut pigtails to ensure the integrity of your harness system.

Phillips Industries makes parts available by calling 800.423.4512 or visit their website at