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Feb 9, 2009

Solution to Maintain Liftgate Battery Charge Introduced by Phillips Industries


Solution to Maintain Liftgate Battery Charge
Introduced by Phillips Industries

Santa Fe Springs, CA (February 8, 2009) The PERMALOGIC™ SELECTOR SYSTEM is the latest development from Phillips Industries to address problems facing fleets running auxiliary equipment, such as liftgates.   The PERMALOGIC™ SELECTOR SYSTEM is an intelligent controller that chooses the optimal source of power to fully charge liftgate batteries without the risk of draining power needed for other vital equipment functions. 

For reefer fleets, the Phillips PERMALOGIC™ SELECTOR SYSTEM automatically selects between the tractor (via dual pole) or the trailer’s reefer unit as the source of power to continuously charge the liftgate batteries to capacity.  The tractor is the primary source of charge, but if the tractor voltage drops to 12.2V, the PERMALOGIC™ SELECTOR SYSTEM will shut off this source of power to eliminate any low voltage starting issues.  The PERMALOGIC™ SELECTOR SYSTEM then utilizes the reefer for the power source if the reefer is operating correctly and producing more than 13.2V.  The system will automatically shut off if it senses a problem with the reefer’s electrical system and will not cause any out of balance issues with either the reefer unit or the tractor. 

Bruce Purkey, President of Purkey’s Electrical Consultants, who helped develop this product with Phillips, explained how fleets can benefit from utilizing the PERMALOGIC™ SELECTOR SYSTEM:  “In today's environment where fleets are looking for ways to reduce idle times, engine shutoffs can negatively affect the ability to keep the liftgate batteries charged for trailers with high duty cycle liftgates.  Delays cause inefficiencies, higher operating costs and poor customer satisfaction.  Phillips wanted to develop a product that could automatically select the best source to recharge the liftgate battery and, at the same time, manage power to start the engine, run the refrigeration unit and maintain the integrity of the electrical system.”

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