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Nov 2, 2003

Terminal Wires – Small Connections Make a Big Difference

(SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA OCTOBER 2003) Phillips Industries, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucking components, expands their STA-DRY® System of Electrical Accessories by introducing a new complete line of Heat Shrink Connectors. Phillips’ STA-DRY® Heat Shrink Connectors are technologically advanced and designed to improve electrical systems for the automotive, heavy duty and marine industries.

Wiring in any vehicle is complex, hidden from view, and by nature highly vulnerable to corrosion. This is particularly true of junctions where wires are cut and connected. Poorly joined wires are an invitation to corrosion or mechanical separation resulting from the extremes of weather and road vibration. As we approach winter, this becomes a debilitating hazard.

“Bottom line, wire damage due to corrosion is costly and can be prevented,” says Travis Hopkey, Director of Marketing. “Using the STA-DRY® system for wiring repair maintains the reliability of the wiring harness to the same high standards as the original equipment, which is critical to keeping your equipment on the road and earning revenue.”

STA-DRY® Heat Shrink Connectors are available in three different types: STA-DRY Crimp® – crimped for a secure connection; STA-DRY Solder® – soldered for exceptional conductivity; STA-DRY Crimp & Solder® – the best of both worlds, the top of the line in wire connection and repair. All of the STA-DRY Heat Shrink Connectors feature color-coded, adhesive-lined tubing with wire gauge imprints for easy identification and a reliable, watertight seal to prevent corrosion. These incredible connectors, when installed will actually increase the tensile strength of the wire being repaired and will withstand vibration and other forces that wreak havoc on standard wire connectors.

For more information on STA-DRY® Heat Shrink Connectors and other quality Phillips products, please visit or call 800-423-4512.