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Nov 24, 2020


The reality is that in today’s market you need to make sure you have technology in the workplace in order to recruit and retain employees.

Millennials and Gen Z workers are known as digital natives. This means they grew up with technology unlike people from previous generations. These folks grew up with tablets, smart phones, constant and instantaneous connectivity, and apps of all sorts. According to a report from Dell Technologies, 80% of the members of Gen Z who were surveyed want to work with cutting-edge technology.

To help you understand the scope of the issue, consider these facts:

  • Millennials will make up 74% of the workforce by 2025.
  • Gen Zers account for 30% of the U.S. population. They outnumber millennials.

Members of both of these generations expect instant access to information and data transparency.

A survey from the Workforce Institute of Kronos Inc. showed that 88% of survey respondents believe that artificial intelligence will improve their jobs. While previous generations may have tolerated working without state-of-the-art technology, the new workforce and the employees of the future won’t give you a second look if you don’t demonstrate to them that you are using technology to streamline their work and make them more efficient.

If you think you can get by without making technology investments, think about these startling statistics (from a variety of sources including SHRMOxford Economics) on what it costs to replace one single employee:

  • Recruiting fees of $500+
  • Advertising open position $500
  • Cost of time spent interviewing $900+
  • Training costs for new employee of 10%-20% of employee’s salary
  • It takes on average 42 days to replace a person who leaves.

While all these statistics and information are interesting, you may be wondering how this applies to the trucking industry.

There are a number of ways in which having the right technology can make a company seem more attractive to the job seeker.

  • Hiring/onboarding processes: It begins with your hiring and onboarding processes. Have you incorporated social media in your recruiting efforts? Are you using videos so applicants can “see” the realities of your workplace? Have you eliminated paperwork from the application and onboarding process allowing applicants to apply online and complete necessary paperwork on tablets or smart phones?
  • Vehicle spec’ing: When it comes to the vehicle itself items like tire pressure monitoring systems, automated manual transmission and advanced driver assistance systems are becoming must haves.
  • Telematics/tracking: Equipping your vehicles with telematics and tracking devices will not only let you know where vehicles are at all times (this allows you to get to a driver more quickly in the event of a breakdown), but also provides insight into the operating conditions of the vehicle, alerting you and your drivers of developing problems.
  • Shop equipment/tools: There is nothing a driver hates more than sitting around waiting for a truck to be repaired while he still has driving hours available on the Hours of Service clock. Digitizing the pre- and post-trip inspection process will speed up the inspection process and result in more thorough inspections which can lead to finding problems before they result in on the road failures. Scan tools plugged in as soon as the vehicle hits the bay door will reduce diagnostic time and allow the technician to begin the actual repair process more quickly.

Technology, transparency and connectivity are important to today’s employees but will be essential for attracting and retaining the workers of tomorrow.

Recognizing this trend was one of the factors behind the launch of Phillips Connect Technologies. We will continue to innovate and provide technology solutions that you can use to demonstrate your commitment to making your employees as productive and empowered as you can.