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Aug 31, 2023

Phillips Industries Announces Corporate Promotions and Strategic Restructure 

Phillips Industries, an international leader in the design and manufacturing of components and innovative technology solutions for the commercial truck and trailer industry, is thrilled to announce a series of strategic developments to propel the company into an exciting new phase of growth and innovation. 

Amber White and Dan Forthoffer have played a pivotal role in shaping this “next generation” of Phillips. Their commitment and invaluable contributions to the company’s continued consolidation and growth have been widely recognized and appreciated. 

Effective immediately, White has been promoted to Vice President of Corporate Marketing, and Forthoffer has been promoted to Vice President of Corporate Research and Development. In addition to their promotions, White and Forthoffer have restructured their marketing and R&D teams to now serve all business units within the #PhillipsFamily of companies. The shift aligns with Phillips’ pursuit of a more cohesive and globally-synchronized approach that will fuse distinct units into a singular powerhouse of innovation.

Amber White’s leadership continuously fosters a collaborative work environment that encourages creativity and drives results. Her expertise and forwarding-thinking mindset have propelled Phillips to new heights, as she continually pushes boundaries and challenges industry norms. White’s visionary approach has been instrumental in transforming Phillips’ marketing strategies and reinvigorating its brand image. She says, “As we continue to grow our business around the world, there’s a great need for bringing all of our marketing together.  One team, one direction, and one consistent message that resonates with the drive, values, and purpose our entire team strongly believes in. I couldn’t be more excited about playing such a critical role in shaping our future at Phillips!”

In just a few years at Phillips, Dan Forthoffer has expanded his sights on delivering some of the industry’s most innovative solutions – from the industry’s first truly universal Rear-VU trailer backup camera solutions to the world’s most advanced truck to trailer connectors with ethernet and CAN bus. Dan has an incredible vision and passion to make a real difference by developing groundbreaking solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and overall performance. With Dan’s promotion, he will expand his role to overseeing global R&D for Phillips’ portfolio of businesses.  Forthoffer commented,”I’m in full stride, and thrilled to work with an incredibly talented team of engineers to raise the bar and finally solve many of the challenges that have been plaguing our fleet customers for years. Our team is doing some really exceptional work, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead the charge. R&D’s more unified approach allows us to harness each team member’s expertise, and take bolder strides in the pursuit of greater breakthroughs.”

Rob Phillips, CEO of Phillips says, ”Listening to our customers is extremely important to us, and we are committed to bringing incredibly innovative solutions forward that benefit our industry. Dan’s R&D team continues to bring incredibly innovative products to market, and Amber is exceptional at communicating the benefits of our solutions and creating an awareness of the value that they add to a fleet’s bottom line. I’m all about surrounding myself with the most talented and driven leaders in the industry, and Amber and Dan are perfect examples of just that.”

Phillips Industries will join Phillips Connect to be headquartered in Irvine, CA (within the UC Irvine Research Park). The strategic move allows all Philips North American business units to operate under one roof, fostering enhanced collaboration and cohesiveness. 

Irvine’s vibrant tech ecosystem provides a platform for innovation and community, connecting the Phillips team with a diverse talent pool and host of potential partners. Beyond business, the city offers a high quality of life with safety, cultural amenities, and recreational options. Irvine’s commitment to supporting business and advancing markets sets the stage for sustained growth and continued success in the commercial transportation industry.