4.0″ Round Flange Mount Stop-Tail-Turn Light

BOARDFREE® Features and Benefits:

  • Solid molded construction of lens and housing creates superior durability and impact resistance
  • Patented in-mold LED lighting solution eliminates the need for a printed circuit board
  • Resistance to corrosion, harsh chemicals and UV exposure
  • Environmentally friendly – No printed circuit boards means no hazardous waste
  • Optimal heat management leads to a longer life expectancy
  • Light exceed FMVSS 108
  • Made in the USA
  • BOARDFREE® is a registered trademark of Innotec Group

Light Specification:

  • ABS and acrylic construction
  • 9 Diodes
  • Sealed and greased male 3 pin amp connector
  • Meets SAE S2 and T2 specifications
  • Slotted low stress mounting holes with standard mounting dimensions
  • Optional stainless steel trim ring available (p/n: 51-40904)

Manufactured by Innotec for exclusive distribution by Phillips Industries – A California Corporation


Part #
4.0" round flange mount stop-tail-turn light, red, qty. 1
4.0" round flange mount stop-tail-turn light, red, qty.16