Trailer Dome Lamp Controller For Refrigeration Units

PERMALOGIC™ REEFER is an all-weather, all-electronic controller designed to manage power to trailer dome lamps in trailer with refrigeration units. By simply stepping on the brake pedal, allowing the automatic time to turn off the lamps, or manually flipping the switch – you’ll save the life of your battery and the expense of a road call.

  • For trailers with dome lamps powered by a reefer battery
  • Eliminates any chance of leaving trailer dome lamps on
  • Brake pedal activated
  • Fully electronic – eliminates mechanical air pressure switch
  • Weatherproof – sealed to prevent contaminants from passing the wire harness
  • Anti-corrosive housing to protect against magnesium and calcium chloride
  • Circuit breakers can be changed in under one minute
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,498,687


Part #
Single circuit, stand-alone