• When paired with the STA-CHARGE™ battery charger, the STA-CHARGE™ harness ensures that the liftgate batteries are being charged as efficiently as possible. Some systems use 10 ga. wire that will increase the time it takes to charge the batteries. However, the STA-CHARGE™ harness has 8 ga. wires that allow for a faster charge rate, increasing the number of cycles from the liftgate sooner, maximizing efficiency.
  • Provides power from the blue auxiliary wire, inside the 7-way nosebox, to the STA-CHARGE™ battery charger which powers the liftgate batteries
  • Includes fuses for electrical equipment protection – Protected with a 40amp fuse on the blue aux wire and 5amp fuse on the red brake wire (both inside the nosebox), and an additional 40amp fuse located between the STA-CHARGE™ and liftgate batteries
  • Available in additional lengths (Contact your local sales representative for more information)


Part #
STA-CHARGE™ - harness, 45' with fuses