Our complete premium back-of-cab system

  • A complete premium back-of-cab system!
  • Quick installation with premium and reliable components

QWIK-CHANGE™ Tracker Spring Kits with QWIK-CLAMP™

  • 25″ extra heavy-duty pre-galvanized springs
  • QWIK-CLAMP™ allows for quick cable clamp adjustments in seconds without the use of tools

Rubber Air Lines with Factory-Installed Anodized Gladhands

  • Anodized gladhands with stainless steel detent plate prevent corrosion, preserving the air connection in the harshest weather conditions
  • Durable color-coded red and blue hoses to easily identify emergency and service air lines
  • Rubber handle grips allow for easy coupling and uncoupling

ABS LECTRAFLEX™ with QCP™ (Quick-Change Plug)

  • The #1 choice for Truck OEM’s and fleets
  • Remove and replace the Quick-Change Cartridge, rather than cutting off the entire plug!
  • Trailer-side cable guard added to major stress point for strain relief


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Jan 19, 2021


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