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Dec 10, 2002

Phillips Offers Wire Solutions

Repaired wiring connections are all too often a weak link in a truck. Some estimates cite the electrical system as the root of half or more of the service problems with trucks.

Wiring in a modern truck is complex, hidden from view, and by nature highly vulnerable to corrosion. This is particularly true of junctions, where wires are cut and connected. Poorly joined wires are an invitation to corrosion or mechanical separation resulting from the extremes of weather and road vibration.

Phillips Industries, an industry leader for trucking parts, has launched a connection education initiative aimed at providing distributors and fleet operators with a wide variety of tools that will help them get better connected.

“Some people still connect wires by winding them together and wrapping a piece of electrical tape around them,” said Phillips Industries Director of Sales, Bill Phillips. “The problem often isn’t detected until 6-12 months later, when the connection fails. We want people to have the information they need to do it once and do it right.”

Even when state-of-the-art crimping or shrink-tube sleeves are employed, says Phillips, the final step—the way they’re fastened—is often done incorrectly. “For many people, a cigarette lighter is used to solder because that’s what’s available,” says Phillips. “Instead of spreading the heat evenly over an area, as you need to do in order to get a good seal, isolation of the flame will burn the tubing. This is a common problem and we want to provide resources for our customers.” Phillips offers a variety of reusable butane torches for heating and sealing connectors. Illustrated wall charts, counter mats, literature and examples of properly and improperly connected wires are now available. These aids show the many kinds of wire connectors available and proper installation tips. These materials can all be ordered now without charge from Phillips Industries by calling the company at 800-423-4512 or visiting their web site at