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Dec 10, 2002

Seeing Trouble Before It Starts

Phillips now has three transparent wire-protection products available in its new and improved field-tested Clear-Vu™ line.

“The concept behind all our Clear-Vu™ products,” says Eric DeWilde, Director of R&D for Phillips, “is that corrosion and other wire-related problems should be seen before they become an expensive repair. Clear-Vu™ products offer visible protection. We’re making visible parts of the electrical system where problems have traditionally remained hidden.”

The Clear-Vu™ junction box is and designed to easily accommodate ABS and ISO cables in a durable, transparent housing. Any sign of corrosion can be easily detected and dealt with before it becomes a downtime problem. Cable pass-throughs are grommet-protected, adding an additional level of corrosion resistance, and the termination points are stainless steel, for maximum reliability and corrosion protection.

The Clear-Vu™ battery cable is a premium quality, rope-stranded cable that has a durable, flexible, transparent coating. “With just a glance at the start of a trip, a trucker can check for corrosion, or spot breaks that could lead to problems on the road, where help is inaccessible or more costly,” said Phillips R&D Director Eric DeWilde. The cable is available in five gauges, from 6 to 2/0.

Phillips’ Clear-Vu™ shrink tubing is a transparent, abrasion-resistant shrink-tube wire covering. The product, available in clear and three colors, permits a visual check for corrosion and wire integrity. The tubing is available in six-inch lengths that provide visible protection for wires of 22 to 1 gauge.

More information about Phillips’ Clear-Vu™ products is available from the company by calling them at (800) 423-4512 or visiting their web site,