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Oct 20, 2003

STA-DRY® Modular Harness System Offers Flexibility in Trailer Wiring

DALLAS, TEXAS – Phillips Industries’ is known worldwide as a leading trailer harness manufacturer for the transportation industry. Whether you are installing a harness on a new trailer or repairing or replacing a damaged harness, the Phillips STA-DRY® modular harness system makes it easy.

Phillips STA-DRY® wire harnesses are known for their watertight and corrosionresistant seals. This is done using many techniques in the molding process that produce a perfect fit between modules. Wiring systems can then be outfitted with any combination of incandescent and LED lighting, and can include any type of lamp pigtail.

Most trailer manufacturers make Phillips their choice because once a harness is designed for an application, it is consistently shipped on time, every time.

Mike Langan, National Sales and Engineering Manager, says, “Calcium and Magnesium Chlorides have become the number one killer of electrical systems. With the STA-DRY harness system we can offer our customers unsurpassed protection against these and many other chemicals.”

Phillips Harness Division in Dallas, Texas designs, tools and molds wiring harnesses for the heavy-duty trucking and automotive industry. All wire harnesses are manufactured with exact specifications and can be made available for custom orders. For more information, please visit or call 800.423.4512.