Automatic disconnect eliminates pull-away damage

When a vehicle is in a jack-knife position, or a driver mistakenly forgets to unhook and stow the cables away on the tractor before dropping the trailer, significant damage can occur at the trailer connections. This damage may require repairs such as rewiring and replacing the nosebox.

The S7 swivel socket was designed to track the movement of the tractor as it pivots and turns and automatically disconnect from the electrical cable when placed in an overextended jack-knife situation. This avoids downtime and the expenses that come with the strain from a jack-knife or pull-away situation.

No binding, no cable over-stretching, no damage

The S7 socket swivels 40 degrees left and right (80 degrees total), without straining the connections. No binding, no cable over-stretching, and, consequently, no damage. The 7-way cable will automatically disconnect if, in the unlikely circumstance, the turn exceeds an angle which the cable cannot accommodate.

The common damages associated with a jack-knife pullout are averted, and the electrical cable can be reconnected. Another critical feature is its inherent corrosion protection provided by the QCS2® socket. With an easy to plug-in socket, installation and replacement are effortless without the need to rewire.

Part Numbers

16-9500 Swivel socket without junction box
16-9510 Nosebox without circuit breakers
16-9520 Nosebox with 20 amp circuit breakers
16-9530 Nosebox with 30 amp circuit breakers

The Industry's ONLY swivel socket designed to completely eliminate pull-away damage

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