POM (Product of the Month) May 2018

Quarterly Focus: Corrosion Repair


Products of the Month:

STA-DRY® Heat Shrink Tubing

Any open electrical wiring connection that is not completely sealed is an open gateway for contaminants and moisture to intrude, which can lead to one of the industry’s biggest challenges – corrosion. In turn, corrosion can lead to an even bigger problem – downtime. To help avoid downtime associated with corrosion, heat shrink tubing is one solution available, especially for battery connections. When installing cable/wiring for a new build, splicing into the electrical system, making repairs, or simply performing maintenance on existing vehicle electrical connections, heat shrink tubing should be used to create a sealed connection. When installed properly, it offers protection from extreme weather conditions, ensuring a reliable, corrosion-free, electrical connection. Getting it right now, means that there won’t be any worry about having to fix it later.

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