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Oct 30, 2023

Haunted Highways: Truck Driving Routes That Embrace the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is more than just a day; it’s an entire season of spookiness, pumpkins, and haunted highways: truck driving routes. For truckers who spend long nights on the road, the eerie atmosphere can feel even more profound. If you’re a trucker looking to immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit, these truck driving routes will take you through towns and cities that go all out for the spooky season.

Route 66: Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA

The Mother Road is steeped in history and legends. While driving this iconic highway, you’ll encounter numerous haunted sites:

  • The Joliet Prison (IL): Known for its ghostly apparitions and dark past.
  • The Munger Moss Motel (MO): Guests have reported sightings of ghostly figures and unexplained noises.
  • El Rancho Hotel (NM): Frequented by old Hollywood stars, this hotel is believed to be haunted by some of its past guests.

And as you drive through towns along Route 66, you’ll see various Halloween festivals and parades, particularly in cities like Flagstaff, AZ, and Albuquerque, NM.

I-81: Tennessee to New York

Running through the Appalachian region, I-81 has its share of ghost stories:

  • Bristol, TN/VA: A town with a thriving music scene and several haunted locales.
  • Winchester, VA: Home to Civil War ghosts and haunted inns.
  • Carlisle, PA: With its historic buildings and eerie graveyards, it’s a Halloween must-visit.

U.S. Route 50: Ocean City, MD to Sacramento, CA

Often called The Loneliest Road in America, Route 50 offers haunting landscapes and eerie tales:

  • Moundsville, WV: Visit the former West Virginia Penitentiary, known for ghostly occurrences.
  • Nevada: The stretch through this state is particularly isolated, with ghost towns and eerie landscapes to add to the Halloween atmosphere.

I-90: Boston, MA to Seattle, WA

The longest interstate in the U.S. crosses many Halloween-celebrating towns:

  • Syracuse, NY: Famous for its haunted landmarks like the Landmark Theatre.
  • Cleveland, OH: The city’s “A Christmas Story” house gets a spooky makeover during Halloween.
  • Wall, SD: Not too far from the highway, the town embraces Halloween with festivals and haunted houses.

U.S. Route 101: Los Angeles, CA to Olympia, WA

This coastal route offers breathtaking views and haunting stories:

  • Santa Cruz, CA: Known as the “real” Halloween town, it hosts one of the biggest Halloween parties on the West Coast.
  • Eureka, CA: A town with Victorian charm and several haunted hotels and buildings.

Tips for Truckers Celebrating on the Road:

  • Stay Safe: While it’s fun to get into the spirit, ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and you’re rested before hitting the road.
  • Plan Your Stops: If you’re keen to visit a particular haunted site or town festival, plan ahead to ensure parking and accommodations.
  • Engage with Locals: The best ghost stories often come from locals. Don’t hesitate to chat with them during your stops.

As the chill of autumn sets in and the nights grow longer, the open road becomes a haven of spooky tales and Halloween celebrations. For those driving the country’s highways and byways, every stop can be a chance to experience a new ghost story or partake in a local Halloween tradition. Stay safe, enjoy the journey, and let the Halloween spirit keep you company!