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Aug 16, 2012

Phillips Industries Adds New WEATHER-TITE Seal to PERMAPLUG 7-Way Electrical Connector

Phillips Industries Adds New WEATHER-TITE™ Seal to PERMAPLUG™ 7-Way Electrical Connector

Santa Fe Springs, CA (August 16, 2012) Phillips Industries is making an exciting patented change to improve the performance and extend the life of their PERMAPLUG™.  The revision is simple, yet ingenious, and the first of its’ kind. 

Phillips has added a sealing component to their PERMAPLUG™ to create the WEATHER-TITE™ PERMAPLUG™!  It’s the same PERMAPLUG™ that the industry has grown to trust for superior performance, only now with a thick rubberized protective seal!  The WEATHER-TITE™seal, first introduced earlier at this year’s TMC, has a 3-blade Nitrile wiper seal to lock out the elements and corrosion causing chemicals! 

Phillips Industries leads the industry in testing and development of products to stop magnesium chloride from entering truck and trailer electrical systems and causing damage.  “Damage can be costly from unscheduled downtime, interruption in electrical power and even potential electrical arcing caused by moisture and contaminates in the socket. We felt a real need to improve this connection for safety as well as the longevity of the product. Connectors with the new WEATHER-TITE™ seal keep contaminants from damaging the electrical system”, comments Bob Phillips, CEO and President.   

Adding the WEATHER-TITE™ seal to the PERMAPLUG™ will come as a running change, starting August 16, 2012 and will become standard on Phillips electrical assemblies currently outfitted with PERMAPLUG™ connectors. 

Features of the WEATHER-TITE™ PERMAPLUG™ Connectors include:

  • Blue nitrile sealing rings that stop magnesium chloride and other debris from entering socket
  • Mates with any SAE approved 7-way conductor socket
  • Wiper seals are field replaceable
  • Connector rear is sealed with compression clamp and TPR sleeve for further corrosion protection
  • Cable guard is ratchet locked preventing vibration from loosening guard
  • Connector has ABS bumper
  • 26 gauge brass insert pins have stainless steel compression springs
  • Standard with dielectric grease

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About Philips Industries

Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA Phillips Industries is a leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced electrical and air brake interface equipment for the commercial vehicle industry.  Phillips is a major supplier and partner to many top OEMs around the world and is a first choice for top fleets.  They have manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as in Mexico, China and The Netherlands.  Phillips maintains active membership in key industry associations including TMC, SAE, Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association and state trucking associations.  Their manufacturing facilities have received the top quality accreditations including ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

To download an image of the new Phillips PERMAPLUG™ with WEATHER-TITE™ seal, please go to If you have any difficulty accessing this image, please send an email to[email protected] and I will send a .jpg file directly to you.