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Jul 20, 2021


  • QCP
  • Technology

Phillips Industries Introduces Ready-to-Install Premium QWIK-CHANGE™ PAK (Power Air Kit) to Increase Customer Back of Cab ROI. From production to store shelf, the QWIK-CHANGE™ PAK (Power Air Kit) comes packaged in a multi-functional, sleek and durable, easy-to-carry box designed to display and market the product.  From shelf to customer, the QWIK-CHANGE™ PAK is a premium all-in-one back-of-cab system, ready-to-install right out of the box.  Based on selection, the kit comes with either a 12’ or 15’ length premium 3-IN-1 air and electrical assembly with factory-installed gladhands and two tracker spring kits.  The entire system, straight from the box, is designed for quick installation, easy maintenance, and worry-free performance.  Built with quality corrosion-resistant components, the PAK has the potential to last the life cycle of the truck when properly installed and maintained. This offers a huge cost savings per vehicle for a fleet, easily making it the best ROI for any back-of-cab system.

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