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Dual Pole QCS2®
Quick-Change Socket
Completely sealed for maximum protection against moisture and corrosion!
Available in "6 O'Clock" or "Straight Back" Positions
Tracker Bar Extension
Now available for day cabs
Prevent cables from banging against the back of the cab.

Phillips Industries announces the promotion of Rob Phillips to CEO

EZTrac™ and EZTrac™ Plus

One step tech is here. EZTrac™ is an asset tracking system for trailers and chassis requiring minimal install with real-time tracking built to take abuse.

Products that make a huge difference

Polar Air®

For EXTREME weather conditions. The POLAR AIR® remains flexible up to -85°F (-65°C).

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Weather-Tite™ M2

Unbreakable, non-corrosive housing molded to combat corrosion. The WEATHER-TITE™ seal adds additional corrosion protection.

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QCS2® Harness

Significantly reduces socket replacement time. Molded housing includes integrated flange to seal out moisture and corrosion.

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QCP™ (Quick-Change Plug)

Time and money spent replacing an electrical cable, or rewiring a plug, can be avoided by simply changing out a plug insert cartridge, in less than two minutes.

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Dual Pole QCS2®

The molded harness boot with sealed inner cavity blocks moisture and contaminants from entering the plug and socket union, keeping corrosion out.

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Sta-Dry® S7™

Designed to move with the tractor as it pivots and turns and automatically disconnects when placed in an overextended jack-knife situation.

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