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Jun 27, 2023

5 Safety Benefits of Phillips Industries Products

Phillips Industries is dedicated to promoting and facilitating road safety, no matter your location. Our team has long been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions and reliable products for safety on the road.

In celebration of National Safety Month, here are five safety benefits that Phillips Industries provides year round:

Enhanced Electrical Connection Safety

Our electrical connectors and harness systems are designed with precision and quality. They ensure secure connections, reducing the risk of electrical malfunctions and potential hazards, guaranteeing a safe and reliable power supply to all connected components. View electrical assemblies here. 

Weatherproofing Solutions

Extreme weather conditions can adversely affect electrical connections and lead to system failures. Phillips’ weatherproofing solutions, such as protective overmolded seals and connectors, create a reliable barrier against water, dust, and other environmental elements. These safeguards prevent electrical malfunctions and other safety risks. View weatherproofing solutions here. 

Optimum Visibility and Lighting Solutions

Good visibility is paramount to safety on the road. Phillips provides a range of high-quality LED lighting solutions, which enhance visibility, making vehicles more conspicuous and reducing the risk of accidents, particularly during adverse weather conditions or low light situations. View lighting solutions here. 

Secure Cable Support Systems

Phillips cable support systems keep electrical and air lines secure and well-organized. These systems reduce the risk of line damage and entanglement, minimizing the potential for unplanned downtime due to cable issues. View cable support systems here.

Robust Gladhand Connections

Gladhand connections serve as critical air line links between trucks and trailers. Our extensive line of gladhand products feature specialty gladhands with superior locking mechanism, reducing the chances of accidental uncoupling or air leaks. This design ensures optimal safety and reliability during operation. View gladhand connections here. 

Phillips Industries has been committed to excellence for 95 years. Our team provides innovative, quality products that have been manufactured in house to offer maximum protection on the roads. By integrating our reliable, advanced solutions, businesses mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and ensure the well-being of their workforce.