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Sep 11, 2023

Phillips Industries Announces Corporate Promotions, Strategic Restructure and Recognitions

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Phillips Industries, an international leader in the design and manufacturing of components and innovative technology solutions for the commercial truck and trailer industry, announces a series of strategic developments and recognitions that will propel the company into an exciting new phase of growth and innovation. 

Power Hires: A Fresh Perspective on Leadership

Sara Wissmueller – VP of IT for Phillips Connect

A significant recent development at Phillips was the strategic hiring of Sara Wissmueller as the Vice President of IT for Phillips Connect. With a proven track record in the technology sector, Sara brings a wealth of experience to the table. Sara’s expertise in IT solutions and her visionary approach will undoubtedly further the evolution of Phillips Connect as a tech industry leader. 

Drew Hofley – VP of Sales for Phillips Industries

Another remarkable addition to the Phillips family is Drew Hofley, who has taken on the role of Vice President of Sales for Phillips Industries. Drew’s extensive background in sales and his ability to build strong customer relationships make him a perfect fit for this role. Drew’s leadership will be instrumental in driving Phillips Industries’ sales growth and market presence.

Elevating Business Units to Corporate Excellence

Phillips is dedicated to nurturing talent and promoting excellence from within its ranks. In this spirit, two highly skilled professionals will now oversee all corporate units:

Amber White – VP of Corporate Marketing

Amber White, a seasoned marketing professional, has been named Vice President of Corporate Marketing. Her strategic vision and innovative marketing approaches are set to enhance Phillips’ brand presence and customer engagement. Amber’s role is pivotal in shaping the company’s marketing strategy as it continues to expand and evolve.

Dan Forthoffer – VP of Corporate R&D

Innovation has been a hallmark of Phillips, and Dan Forthoffer’s appointment as Corporate VP of R&D underscores the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. Dan’s extensive background in research and development will lead Phillips into new frontiers of product innovation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industry.

Promotions and Restructuring at Phillips Connect

Within the Phillips Connect division, several promotions and restructuring moves have taken place, strengthening the company’s position in the market:

Cliff Creech – SVP of Phillips Connect

Cliff Creech, a longstanding member of the Phillips Connect team, has been promoted to Senior Vice President. His dedication and proven track record make him the ideal candidate to lead this division into a new era of growth and innovation.

Jessica Smith – SVP of Connect1

Jessica Smith’s promotion to Senior Vice President of Connect1 showcases her exceptional leadership skills and her ability to drive results. Jessica’s new role is integral to expanding Phillips Connect1’s footprint in the market.

Recognizing Excellence: Rob Phillips Awarded OCBJ Innovator of the Year

Rob Phillips was honored with the 2023 Orange County Business Journal’s Innovator of the Year Award. The prestigious award recognizes Rob’s visionary leadership and the impact of his forward-thinking strategies on Phillips’ success. 

The positive changes occurring at Phillips, including strategic hires, corporate unit restructures, promotions, and awards, reflect the company’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and growth. Phillips is well-positioned to continue leading the way in the heavy-duty trucking industry, driving positive change, and delivering value to its customers.