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Oct 19, 2023

Phillips Industries Lends Insights to Fleet Maintenance Article “Preparation Pays: Winterizing Best Practices”

Phillips Industries was pleased to lend insights to the Fleet Maintenance article “Preparation Pays: Winterizing Best Practices,” The article highlights Phillips’s expert tips on preparing fleet electrical systems for the challenges of winter. Andy Summers, the director of fleet sales at Phillips Industries, emphasizes the importance of using a sealed wire harness to keep moisture and debris at bay. Such preventative measures can prevent disruptions in power, which may lead to erratic lighting, posing safety risks and resulting in CSA violations.

Routine Maintenance is Crucial

Summers highlights the importance of routine maintenance as one of the most important winterizing best practices. This includes cleaning and greasing of lighting connections, especially emphasizing cleanliness of the 7-way connections at the front of the trailer. In areas where deicers are prevalent, it’s essential to apply dielectric grease on plugs and sockets of both the tractor and trailer to combat the corrosive nature of the chemicals. In addition, ensuring lights are firmly attached to their pigtail connections and the chassis frame is crucial to prevent cables from rubbing against sharp edges or the trailer’s frame, which could lead to damage.

Protection extends beyond just the electrical components. Summers underscores the importance of well-maintained mud flaps, which guard against large debris and act as barriers against moisture that can jeopardize electrical connections. Special attention is advised when cutting or splicing sealed harnesses and during pressure washing to avoid moisture intrusion. Ensuring wires are securely seated in terminals and sealing any repairs are crucial steps in preserving the electrical system’s integrity during the harsh winter months.

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